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Managing Diabetes: Tips for People 60 Years Old and Over

Managing Diabetes: Tips for People 60 Years Old and Over

Exercise is essential to managing diabetes. However, elderly people who are 60 years old and over might have some challenges in moving around and sweating out. They might even have mobility problems. How can you help your loved ones cope? A visit to the nearest family clinic in Grand Prairie, Texas for medications and checkups is a must. The following natural approaches to uphold their wellbeing might also help:

  1. Focus on food therapy.
    Diabetic patients should avoid high-glycemic foods and those with high levels of saturated fat. It’s best to stick to a plant-based diet. Serve salads for snacks and include turmeric, Chia seeds, and nuts in dishes. It would also help to visit a clinic in Texas and ask guidance from a nutritionist. A dietician-approved condition-specific meal plan can do wonders for your loved ones’ health.
  2. Make sure you enjoy quality sleep daily.
    Chronic sleep deprivation takes a toll on the body’s immune system, making it even harder to recover from diseases. Besides, chronic lack of sleep triggers cravings.
  3. Undergo checkups more frequently.
    Keeping tabs on the vital statistics (e.g., blood sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol level) of your loved ones is a must. Avail of laboratory services for them to know their progress, anticipate health risks and adjust their lifestyle before their condition aggravates.

As a lifestyle-related disease, diabetes can also be managed through lifestyle adjustments. By focusing on these three tips, you can cover the basics. The healthcare and diabetes management services at Divine Grace Family Clinic might also be worth considering.

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